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Socket Head Cap Screws - Flange Hardware

Flange Hardware
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The following socket head cap screws are used in the assembly of vacuum systems which use the standard conflat flanges found on the following pages. All the hardware below is made from 300 series Stainless Steel.

Socket Head Cap Screws, pkg of 10
Part No. Bolt SizeFit Flange # Stock/
Lead Time
UOM Price Order
SHS832050 8-32 x 1/2F133000T MISSING PART NUMBERCALL
SHS832075 8-32 x 3/4F133000 INACTIVEPK------
SHS14088 1/4-28 x 7/8F218000T F275000T MISSING PART NUMBERCALL
SHS14125 1/4-28 x 1 1/4F218000 F275000 INACTIVEPK------
SHS516125 5/16-24 x 1 1/4F450000T F458000T F600000T INACTIVEPK------
SHS516200 5/16-24 x 2F450000 F458000 F600000 INACTIVEPK------

10 screws per package. Indicate # of packages

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