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Platinum Resistance Thermometer Elements

Platinum Resistance Thermometers for all instruments
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  • 50 and 100 ohm models available
  • Various Sizes
  • Custom Assemblies available on request
When accurate temperature measurement is required, Platinum Resistance Thermometers (PRT) are unequalled in performance. These PRT elements can be used with precision laboratory and industrial instruments. They are stable over long periods of use. The PRT works on the principle of resistance through a fine platinum wire as a function of temperature. The resistance of the PRT's listed below is either 50 or 100 ohms at 0 degrees C. Two types are available, i.e. ceramic and glass coated ceramic. Ceramic PRT's are usable over the temperature range -200 degrees C to 750 degrees C. The glass coated ceramic PRT's are usable over the range -100 degrees C to 550 degrees C.

PRT Schematic

Platinum Resistance Thermometer Element
Part No. Resistance at 0CTemperature RangeODBody (in)Lead (in) Quantity
In Stock
PTA PRT, ceramic glass coated
100-100 to 5500.0770.301.0 3$110.00
PTB PRT, ceramic
100-200 to 7500.0591.000.3 1$100.00
PTC PRT, ceramic
100-200 to 7500.0851.100.3 0*Standard lead-time for non-stock items is approximately two weeks depending on the item. $120.00
PTD PRT, ceramic glass coated
100-100 to 5500.0400.0451.0 DISCONTINUED------
PTE PRT, ceramic glass coated
100-100 to 5500.1000.401.0 DISCONTINUED------
PTF PRT for Kratos MS80, ceramic glass coated
50-100 to 5500.0600.704.0 0*Standard lead-time for non-stock items is approximately two weeks depending on the item. $65.006 or more: 5% off.
PTG PRT, ceramic
50-100 to 5500.1080.580.5 DISCONTINUED------
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