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Scientific Instrument Services – About Us

Scientific Instrument Services (a division of Adaptas Solutions ) manufactures and distributes an extensive line of laboratory supplies for mass spectrometers, gas chromatographs and related scientific laboratory equipment.

Locations: Our main filament manufacturing, engineering, offices and warehouse are located in Palmer, MA, and we have dealer offices world-wide. We also have a state of the art machine shop and manufacturing facility in Pipersville, PA. These facilities and our experienced personnel have enabled us to achieve our reputation as a world leader in supplies and service for mass specs and their related scientific and medical equipment.


As a medical and laboratory instrument parts manufacturer, S.I.S. manufacturers instrument parts for scientific instrument companies. Our specialty is filaments for mass spectrometers, x-ray equipment and other instruments utilizing a filament heater or emission wire. We can custom design and manufacture filaments to your needs from 10 to +10,000 units.

A growing part of our business is OEM manufacturing. Our capabilities include precision machining (CNC turning, swiss turning, and milling), tig and laser welding, vacuum brazing, filament manufacture, gold gasket fabrication, custom assembly, cleaning (sandblasting, tumbling, electropolishing and high purity cleaning), Finishing, CAD/CAM, inspection, and testing. SIS is ISO 9001:2008 certified. Contact us for information about our OEM programs.

  • Quality: Precision Machining and Assembly, Tight Tolerances, Fine Finishes
  • Value: In House Precision Cleaning, In House Electropolishing and Passivation, Precision Assembly
  • Delivery: Just-In-Time Delivery Programs, Kanban Programs, Prototype to Production

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Mass Spectrometers

  • Services: mass spectrometer filament repair (+30 years), source cleaning, gold gasket fabrication, vacuum flange repair and other custom instrument parts repair.
  • Products: electron multiplier detectors, ion transfer tubes, gaskets, ion gauge tubes, valves, filament and heater materials, probes, o-rings, sample vials, cleaning supplies, calibration compounds and much more.
  • Covers Agilent Mass Spectrometers, Shimadzu, Thermo Fisher scientific equipment, and many others.

Vacuum Systems

  • Products: A wide range of vacuum system supplies for mass spectrometers, SEM's and other instruments: including o-rings, copper and gold gaskets, vacuum pumps, vacuum oils, diffusion pump oils, ion gauge tubes, vacuum hose, vacuum pump fittings and vacuum greases. SIS recently introduced our own line of rough vacuum pumps at reduced cost and our new All-In-One Vacuum pump Exhaust filter.

Gas and Liquid Chromatographs

  • Products: A complete line of supplies for gas and liquid chromatographs including capillary columns, microneedle valves, syringes, septa, glass lined stainless steel tubing, ferrules and fittings.
  • We are a stocking distributor for many of the leading column manufacturers and chromatography suppliers. For fast and efficient delivery of your GC and LC supplies, place your order with us.

General Laboratory and Cleaning Supplies

  • Products A wide variety of fine tools and cleaning supplies for the service of your scientific equipment, including Micro-Mesh fine abrasives for polishing and cleaning instrument parts, swabs and applications, Dust-Off, and a miniature spot welder. We also offer a broad line of Wheaton glassware and lab vials for your laboratory.
  • Our tool lines include Dremel, X-Acto, Panavise, Paasche, Microflame, Littletorch, General, Mettler, Diamond, Foredom and much more.

Short Path Thermal Desorption

  • Sample analysis is via thermal desorption techniques as well as a new technique called direct thermal extraction. In the direct thermal extraction technique, volatiles can be extracted from solid matrix samples, cryo-focused at the front of the GC column and subsequently analyzed. No solvent extraction or other sample preparation is required.
  • Designed and manufacturered by S.I.S.

Custom Software

  • We develop software for the simulation of particle optics used in engineering mass spectrometers and related equipment utilizing electric fields (SIMION), as well as other embedded instrument, PC, and web software.
  • We sell many mass spectra databases for identification of spectra obtained from your mass spectrometer (NIST/Wiley).

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