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Flange - Unbored Stub in Stainless, Aluminum and Brass

Flange - Unbored Stub in Stainless, Aluminum and Brass
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For blocking off unused flanges or for custom drilling.

Flange - Unbored Stub
Part No. MaterialABNW Flange Size Quantity
In Stock
QF10050US 304 Stainless0.750.7510 DISCONTINUED------
QF16075US 304 Stainless0.750.7516 DISCONTINUED------
QF25100US 304 Stainless1.000.7525 DISCONTINUED------
QF40150US 304 Stainless1.501.0040 DISCONTINUED------
QF50200US 304 Stainless2.001.0050 DISCONTINUED------
QF10050UB Brass0.750.7510 DISCONTINUED------
QF16075UB Brass0.750.7516 DISCONTINUED------
QF25100UB Brass1.000.7525 DISCONTINUED------
QF40150UB Brass1.501.0040 DISCONTINUED------
QF25100UA Aluminum1.000.7525 DISCONTINUED------
QF40150UA Aluminum1.501.0040 DISCONTINUED------
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