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Vacuum System Supplies and Services

SIS offers a wide range of supplies and accessories for vacuum systems for mass spectrometers, electron microscopes and other instruments.

  • Vacuum PumpsVacuum Pumps
    Vacuum pumps by SIS, Edwards, Adixen and Pfeiffer.
  • Oils/GreasesOils/Greases
    SIS distributes the Inland, Fomblin and Santovac lines of vacuum pump fluids for rough vacuums and diffusion pumps.
  • Vacuum Gauge & TubesVacuum Gauge & Tubes
    Several Ion Gauge Tubes and Accessories for your lab needs.
  • Hose & AccessoriesHose & Accessories
    Many hose and accessories to fit your lab needs.
  • Filters - Oil/CharcoalFilters - Oil/Charcoal
    Rough vacuum pumps are an important part of the vacuum system on mass specs, however in many labs they are not given the attention they require except when a problem is discovered in the mass spec operation.
  • Foreline TrapsForeline Traps
    To help with vacuum levels in labs, we offer liquid nitrogen and dry ice traps in addition to standard foreline traps.
  • Gaskets & MaterialGaskets & Material
    Gold/silver/platinum/copper gaskets, o-rings, gasket material, and tools for gasket fabrication.
  • FittingsFittings
    Many Fittings and Flanges in different sizes for your vacuum needs.
  • O-RingsO-Rings
    O-Rings are available in five different materials from Scientific Instrument Services.
  • Pump Parts (Precision Plus)Pump Parts
    (Precision Plus)
    Our "Precision Plus" product line contains over 4000 replacement parts for many brands of vacuum pumps.
  • Vacuum Quality Monitor SystemVacuum Quality Monitor System
    Systems used with VQM by Granville-Phillips
  • Distillation ControlDistillation Control
  • Acoustic Enclosures For Rotary Vane PumpsAcoustic Enclosures For Rotary Vane Pumps
    The acoustic enclosure reduces the noise level by up to 7dBa and incorporates internal fans to ensure adequate air cooling is provided to the pump.
  • Other Vacuum AccessoriesOther Vacuum Accessories
  • Digital Vacuum pressure regulator (VPC)Digital Vacuum pressure regulator
    Description The Vapor Pressure Controller (VPC) is DigiVac’s newest product release. This instrument has the ability to help those working in the botanical market easily process plant material through automated distillations. It both measures and maintains the pressure within rotovaps, or any type of vacuum system, following the profile created on the Vapor Pressure Profile Manager - a free, downloadable software that comes with the purchase of a VPC. DigiVac Links: Vapor Pressure Controller ...