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Liquid Chromatography Supplies

SIS supplies products for your liquid chromatograph, including columns, electrospray tips, fittings, syringes and more from leading manufacturers such as Optimize, SGE, ASI, New Era, Nanoliter, New Era, Next Advance, VICI and Imtakt.


  • Columns - HPLCColumns - HPLC
    Imtakt Corp. HPLC columns, manufactured with exceptional craftsmanship and decades of industry experience.
  • Guard ColumnsGuard Columns
    Universal Guard Columns available from Scientific Instrument Services, Inc.
  • Tubing (LC)Tubing
    A wide range of chromatography tubing available from Scientific Instrument Services, Inc.
  • Fitting & Ferrules - VICI (HPLC/UHPLC)Fitting & Ferrules - VICI
    Wide variety of fittings and ferrule fittings for HPLC and UHPLC connections.
  • Fitting & Ferrules - Optimize EXP/2 (UHPLC)Fitting & Ferrules - Optimize EXP/2
    EXP2 and Ti-lok fitting and ferrule by Optimize
  • Connectors - Optimize OPTI-LYNX™ (HPLC)Connectors - Optimize OPTI-LYNX™
    Finally, true, trouble-free quick-connect hardware for HPLC!
  • SyringesSyringes
    SGE syringes (LC)
  • Syringe Pumps - New EraSyringe Pumps - New Era
    Affordable precise programmable syringe pumps by New Era
  • Syringes - AutomatedSyringes - Automated
    eVol couples two precision devices: a digitally controlled electronic drive and an XCHANGE enabled analytical syringe.
  • FiltersFilters
    The PEEK body and Ti encased filter elements give complete bio compatibility and chemical resistance
  • Solvent Delivery AccessoriesSolvent Delivery Accessories
    Chromatography Solvent Delivery Accessories available from Scientific Instrument Services, Inc.
  • Flow SplittersFlow Splitters
    Fixed, adjustable and automated flow splitters for pre, post and make up column work.
  • Pulse Damper - FlatLine™Pulse Damper - FlatLine™
    The ASI FlatLine™ Pulse Damper combines performance and reliability in a simple, easy to use housing. Standard 10-32 inlet and outlet ports allow quick connection into virtually any HPLC system.
  • Check ValvesCheck Valves
    Check valves are critical not only for safety but also for the delivery of stable, pulse-free flow rates.
  • Seals & PistonsSeals & Pistons
    Optimize seals provide high pressure sealing capacity and pistons are a consumable part of the HPLC pump.
  • Lamps/ReplacementLamps/Replacement
    Optimize Technologies offers a broad selection of lamps for OEM HPLC detectors. The high quality standard lamps come with a guaranteed 1000 hour lifetime.
  • Tools for ChromatographyTools for Chromatography
    Chromatography Tools available from Scientific Instrument Services, Inc.
  • Column HeaterColumn Heater
    Phoenix S&T's column heaters and controller are designed to fit seamlessly into your nanoLC-MS workflow. Increases resolution and throughput especially for hydrophobic peptides.
  • Autosampler Replacement PartsAutosampler Replacement Parts
    For use in your lab.
  • Maintenance KitsMaintenance Kits
    HPLC Maintenance Kits available from Scientific Instrument Services, Inc.
  • SGE HPLC Supplies By BrandSGE HPLC Supplies By Brand
    HPLC Columns, Syringes, and Accessories from SGE.
  • Optimize SuppliesOptimize Supplies
    State of the Art HPLC Fittings and Columns From Scientific Instrument Services, Inc.
  • PerfectPeak® Solvent Inlet FiltersPerfectPeak® Solvent Inlet Filters
    Description PerfectPeak® Solvent Inlet Filters offer a wide variety of options and benefits to meet your desired HPLC/UHPLC system protection: Standard 2 and 10 μm porosity for HPLC, with option of 0.5 μm for UHPLC Variety of alloys such as stainless steel for standard use, as well as titanium or corrosion resistant Hastelloy® for bio-inert applications Uniform pore distribution and anti-clog design to keep your equipment running at full capacity All metal construction for maximum durabilit...
  • PerfectPeak® Static MixersPerfectPeak® Static Mixers
    HPLC Static Mixers Description PerfectPeak® HPLC Static Mixers utilize cutting edge 3D printing technology to create unique mixing pathways and provide key benefits such as: Significant baseline noise reduction Compatibility with a wide range of flow rates Quick installation into any HPLC system Product Specs Mixer25 Mixer50 Mixer100 Mixer150 Internal Volume 25μL 50μL 100μL 150μL Material of Construction Passivated 316(L)SS Pressure Rating 20,000 PSIG/1379 bar Connection Type Female Compre...
  • Other LC SuppliesOther LC Supplies

Electrospray LC/MS

  • nanoLiter Programmable WavenanoLiter Programmable Wave
    Patented nL Programmable Wave. Program droplet energy, wave, polarity, locale & timing. 100% INPUT EFFICIENT ESI UPLC MS or MALDI PREP via the SAME IBF DEVICE!
  • APPI Source - SyagenAPPI Source - Syagen
    Syagen atmospheric pressure photoionization (APPI) sources available from Scientific Instrument Services, Inc.