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Blank Tapped/Non-Tapped Vacuum Flanges

Blank Tapped/Non-Tapped Vacuum Flanges
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These blank non-rotatable flanges are for sealing off ports, for drilling custom interfaces, feedthrus, or other accessories, and for modifications of vacuum equipment. These reliable, knife-edge flanges are the vacuum industry standard for ultra-high vacuum applications. They utilize flat OFHC copper gaskets for vacuum sealing below 10-13 torr at temperature ranges from -196 degrees C to 500 degrees C. Manufactured from Type 304 stainless steel, all flanges will perfectly mate to other Conflat flanges of the same O.D.

Other flange types and sizes are available on request. Custom drilling, modifications, welding and fabrication are also available from our machine shop. Call SIS with your requirements or send drawings for a quotation.

                blank tapped flanges
Blank Non-Tapped Flanges
Part No. OD (in)Thickness (in)# BoltsBolt Diameter (in)Bolt Cir Diameter (in)Cu Gask Quantity
In Stock
133X000 Blank Non-Tapped Flange
1.330.2860.1720.060CG-300 DISCONTINUED------
212X000 Blank Non-Tapped Flange
2.120.47040.2651.625CG-400 DISCONTINUED------
275X000 Blank Non-Tapped Flange
2.730.50060.2652.132CG-500 DISCONTINUED------
450X000 Blank Non-Tapped Flange
4.470.68080.3323.628CG-1000 DISCONTINUED------
600X000 Blank Non-Tapped Flange
5.970.780160.3325.128CG-1500 DISCONTINUED------
675X000 Blank Non-Tapped Flange
6.750.840180.3325.969CG-1800 DISCONTINUED------
Blank Tapped Flanges
Part No. OD (in)Thickness (in)# BoltsBolt Diameter (in)Bolt Cir Diameter (in)Cu GaskBolts Quantity
In Stock
275X000T Blank Tapped Flanges
2.730.50060.2652.312CG-5001/4-28 DISCONTINUED------
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