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Scientific Instrument Services publishes a wide variety of articles, application notes, mass spec tips and other material of interest to the mass spectrometer and gas chromatography communities.

  • SIS News / E-Mail NewsletterSIS News / E-Mail Newsletter
    A monthly newsletter designed for the mass spec community, published by SIS to notify our customers of new products, services, and specials for your mass spectrometer and related laboratory equipment.
  • NIST MS Database - Update NotificationsNIST MS Database - Update Notifications
    NIST current version: The current version of NIST MS is 2020. Notifications on future NIST versions: New versions of the NIST MS database come out roughly every three years (e.g. 1998, 2002, 2005, 2008, 2011, 2014, 2017, 2020), with upgrades available for purchase. If you wish to be notified upon availability of new versions of the NIST database and upgrade offers, please fill out the form below. Details will also be announced on our NIST web page, at the ASMS meeting, and in our general mail l...
  • Application NotesApplication Notes
    Application notes published by Scientific Instrument Services, Inc. (SIS). Covers thermal desorption (extensively), GC/MS, and other scientific applications.
  • Adsorbent Resins GuideAdsorbent Resins Guide
    A wide variety of adsorbent resins are available from many suppliers and manufacturers.
  • Mass Spec TipsMass Spec Tips
    Mass Spec Tips is a collection of tips relating to the operation and service of mass spectrometers.
  • SDS SheetsSDS Sheets
    SDS sheets for products manufactured or distributed by Scientific Instrument Services.
    We get many questions from customers to aid them in the use of their instruments. We will publish these questions and answers here to aid other instrument users. We welcome both your questions and answers to problems that you have encountered. In addition we welcome additional or corrective comments to any of our questions. Question - The spectrum of my mass spectrometer has poor resolution and low sensitivity. It is a magnetic sector instrument with diffusion pumps. We changed the source, fila...
  • MS Calibration Compound SpectraMS Calibration Compound Spectra
    Mass spectrometer calibration compounds for sale. Also includes spectra.
  • ManualsManuals
    Manuals for various products offered by SIS. Software - Mass Spectral Libraries GC Cryo-traps Thermal Desorption MS Probes Syringe Pumps
  • MS Links/Labs/ OrganizationsMS Links/Labs/ Organizations
    Information, literature and reference sites of interest to the mass spectrometer community.
  • MS Online ToolsMS Online Tools
    Online tools for mass spectrometer users. Includes isotopic profile calculators, exact mass calculators, and periodic table.
  • Flyers on Products/ServicesFlyers on Products/Services
    PDF flyers and brochures for SIS products.
  • Scientific Supplies CatalogScientific Supplies Catalog
    Table of Contents of the Scientific Instrument Services general catalog volume 36.
  • About UsAbout Us
    SIS supplies new parts for your laboratory instruments. We sell replacement parts for Thermo Fisher scientific equipment, Agilent Mass Spectrometers, Shimadzu mass spectrometers, and others.

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