Optimize Fittings and Ferrules

  • EXP®2 FittingsEXP®2 Fittings
    The EXP®2 Fittings with Ti-LOK Ferrules offer UHPLC connection for 1/16" and 1/32" PEEKsil tubing that seal to 15,000+ psi.
  • EXP Ti-LOK FittingsEXP Ti-LOK Fittings
    The EXP Ti-lok Fitting features a two-stage locking mechanism ideal for PEEK-clad or sleeved fused silica, such as PEEKsil™ tubing.
  • EXP Ti-LOK FerrulesEXP Ti-LOK Ferrules
    Optimize delivers with the EXP Titanium PEEK Hybrid ferrule. The ingenuity of the EXP ferrule lies in a design which adjusts to any 10-32 or 6-40 port depth and can subsequently be removed and reused in a different port while still maintaining adjust ability.
    The next-generation EXP2 Nano Trap System is a breakthrough in trapping hardware design and provides the finest low-volume hardware and connections to minimize extra column effects and sample dispersion.