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SIS News May 2016 - IDP-3 Scroll Pump


New Agilent IDP-3 Scroll Pump

We are offering a special featuring the new Agilent IDP-3 Scroll pump for converting your Agilent 5973/5975/5977 MSD from wet to dry vacuum. We are offering a free installation kit with each pump. Offer good through 8/31/2016. The kit includes the vacuum tubing, hose nipples, centering rings, clamps, and an exclusive SIS carbon filter. The filter traps the organics in the pump exhaust allowing for the option of venting the pump in the lab.


  • Oil-Free Vacuum Pump
  • No oil backstreaming
  • No oil leakage from seals
  • No oil disposal costs
  • Less maintenance – saves time and money
  • Lower MS Background
  • Positive Isolation shut-off valve
  • Closes vacuum line to prevent venting the MS in the event of pump or power failure
  • Includes fittings kit for the Agilent 5973, 5975, and 5977 GC/MS
  • Includes SIS Carbon Exhaust filter
  • Filter exhaust air from the pump
  • No need to exhaust pump to a hood
  • Reduces pump noise
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