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SIS Newsletter 2009-09-22

Scientific Instrument Services Newsletter
The SIS E-Newsletter is intended to notify our customers of new products and special promotions of products and services for your mass spectrometer and related laboratory equipment.
Featured Products and Promotions September 22, 2009
Isotope Abundance Analysis (IAA) Software
New - Enhances NIST MS Library Search
The Isotope Abundance Analysis (IAA) software links with the NIST database to permit stronger identification based on isotope abundance information in MS spectra.
  • IAA links with the NIST MS Search
  • IAA-NIST identification probability is much higher than that of accurate mass alternatives for compounds that are in the library database
  • IAA-NIST results in sample molecule identification with true chemical names.
  • IAA-NIST uniquely provides isomer identification from MS fragments, while the IAA increases the probability of a correct elemental formula of that isomer.
  • Operates with standard centroid mode and Agilent ChemStation
Lymtech Scientific Validated Sterile Wipes
Provides the utmost in cleanliness and sterility to your products
Sterile Wipes Lymtechs Validated Sterile Wipe is gamma irradiated with Cobalt-60 to a sterility assurance level of 10-6 in accordance with procedures outlined in Standard AAMI/ISO 11737-Method 1. Each shipment is lot-traceable and accompanied by a Certificate of Processing and a Certificate of Sterility.
  • Its reliability is unmatched
  • There are no chemical residues on products after irradiation
  • All products shipped are packaged in double sealed heavy mil poly to ensure product integrity
  • All products are supplied with a "CERTIFICATE OF PROCESSING" and "DOSIMETRY RECORD".
  • All products are back by Lymtech® Quality Assurance Program and ISO-9002 procedures.
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NEW!  -  Ametek/Dycor Leak Detector Filaments
Direct Replacement for Original Heaters
Ametek Filament S.I.S.™ announces a new direct replacement filament for the Ametek/Dycor RGA leak detector and quadrupole instruments. This is a direct replacement for the part number 95381VE. This is a thoriated iridium filament with a platinum tab that tests show yields a longer service life
  • Low Cost
  • Direct Replacement for the Original OEM Element
  • Thoriated Iridium Filament
  • This filament replaces the filaments on the following Ametek/Dycor quadrupoles: Model M102, M106, M106M, M206, M206M, DM106, DM106M, DM206, DM206M, DM306, DM306M.
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Discontinued GC Capillary Column Inventory
Save 75% on Discontinued Inventory from SIS
Capillary Column SIS has located a number of J&W and Hewlett Packard GC capillary Columns.  These items are all brand new, they have just been sitting on our shelves for several years.  Only one (1) of each available. They are are available on a first come basis and have been discounted by 75% off their original list price .
  • J&W (#125-1730) - DB-608, 30 meter x 0.35mm I.D. x 0.83 u film, Original cost $507.00 - NOW - $125.00

  • J&W (#128-5552) - DB5-MS, 50 meter x 0.2mm I.D. x 0.33 u film, Original cost $672.00 - NOW - $168.00

  • HP (#19091L-111) - HP50+, 15 meter x 0.32mm I.D. x 0.50 u film, Original cost $273.00 - NOW - $68.00

  • HP (#19091L-436) - HP50+, 60 meter x 0.25mm I.D. x 0.25 u film, Original cost $742.00 - NOW - $185.00

  • HP (#19091S-936) - HP-1ms, 60 meter x 0.25mm I.D. x 0.25 u film, Original cost $821.00 - NOW - $205.00

  • SGE (#054071) - SGE 25 QC3 BP1, 25 meter x 0.32mm I.D. x 1.00 u film, Original cost $465.00 - NOW - $115.00

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