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Inland® 19 Rough Pump Oil

Inland® 19 Rough Pump Oil
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Price: 42.99
Product ID : IN191
IN191 Size=1 Gallon Bottle Inland 19 Pump Oil IN1912 Size=12 X 1 Liter case Inland 19 Pump Oil IN19L Size=1 Liter Bottle Inland 19 Pump Oil IN195 Size=5 Gallon Bottle Inland 19 Pump Oil


Inland rough pump oil is ideal for use in all models of vacuum pumps including Adixen, Edwards, and Welch. Inland 19 utilizes crude stocks known for their durability and fine lubricating qualities. Precision distillation further enhances these characteristics while providing a cleaner, cooler running, longer-lasting oil that in many instances will provide improved pumping cycles.

Inland 19 is effective in those cases where operating temperatures are not a problem, especially in the lower speed belt-driven pumps. Providing the least backstreaming, Inland 19 is particularly well suited for use with the high grade diffusion pump fluids, such as the polyphenyl ethers (Santovac 5 and Convalex 10), silicones, and ester-based fluids. Direct-drive pumps that are not subject to extreme operating conditions can use Inland 19 to achieve the same advantages. Durability and performance highlight Inland 19's capabilities. Inland 19 replaces Inland 15 which has been discontinued by the manufacturer. Inland 19 will provide a decade improvement in pumping efficiency over Inland 15.

Inland 19 is a direct replacement for Adixen 100, Adixen 101 , Adixen VP-1, Adixen AE-1, Edwards 15, Edwards 16, Edwards 19, Welch Duo Seal, and other rough pump oils. It will provide performance characteristics equal to or superior to these products.


  • Molecularly Distilled
  • Excellent Vapor Pressure Capabilities
  • Reduced Backstreaming
  • Much Longer Fluid Life
  • Ideal for High Vacuum Systems
  • Standard Oil for Roughing Pump
  • Vapor Pressure 3 x 10-5 torr


Vapor Pressure @ 25 °C: 1 x 10-5 torr
Boiling Point @ .01 torr: 112 °C (234 degrees F)
Viscosity @ 40 °C: 55 cst (251 SUS)
Viscosity @ 100 °C: 8.1 cst (52.7 SUS)
Pour Point: -15 °C (5 °F)
Flash Point: 213 °C (415 °F)
Fire Point: 244 °C (472 °F)
Density: 0.87 gm/cc


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Thermo compatibility: SIS#IN191 replaces Thermo # 00301-15101, which is used on at least these Thermo instruments: Thermo Quantum GC, Thermo LTQ-ETD, Thermo LCQ Advantage, Thermo LCQ Advantage Max, Thermo LCQ Classic, Thermo LCQ Deca, Thermo LCQ DecaXP & Plus, Thermo LCQ DecaXP Max, Thermo LCQ Duo, Thermo LCQ FLEET, Thermo LTQ, Thermo LTQ XL, Thermo LTQ Velos, Thermo LTQ FT, Thermo LTQ Orbitrap, Thermo LTQ Orbitrap Velos, Thermo LXQ.

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