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Gas Generators

  • Hydrogen Generator (GC)Hydrogen Generator
    The Parker/Balston Hydrogen Generators allow users to eliminate the need for expensive, dangerous, high pressure cylinders of hydrogen from the laboratory.
  • Zero Air GeneratorZero Air Generator
    The Parker/Balston 75-83 Zero Air Generator is a complete system with carefully matched components engineered for easy installation, operation and long term reliability.
  • PTIR Purge GasPTIR Purge Gas
    The Parker/Balston FTIR Purge Gas Generator is specifically designed for use with FTIR Spectrometers to provide a purified purge gas and air bearing gas from compressed air.
  • Nitrogen (LC/MS)Nitrogen
    The Parker Balston® LC/MS Nitro-Flow Lab is a self-contained membrane nitrogen generator that produces LC/MS grade nitrogen with output pressure to 116 psig.