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    VOL. XXIII, NO. 1 Scientific Instrument Services, Inc. June 2001 This is the first edition of the SIS Mass Spec Source Newsletter via our Web Site. We anticipate that we will send this communication out once every 2 months. In it we will keep you informed of news at SIS, trade shows that we will be attending, new products being introduced and promotions on products. To receive your copy of this newsletter or to get on our mail list, please fill out our survey form. You are being sent this newsl...
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    VOL. XXII, NO.2 June 2000 Features in the June 2000 MS Source Newsletter This is a compilation of the materials in the SIS June 2000 newsletter which was printed and mailed out in early June 2000. To receive your copy of this newsletter or to get on our mail list, please update your name on our mail list and request this newsletter by filling out our survey form. Vacuum Pump Exhaust Filter Article The first of three articles reporting on the effectiveness of filters designed for use on the exha...
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    VOL. XXI, NO. 1 May 1996 Contents 1. ASMS 96 Meeting in Portland Oregon 2. SIS Poster Presentations at the 1996 ASMS Meeting 3. SIS Hospitality Suite at the 1996 ASMS Meeting 4. SIS on the World Wide Web 5. New Micro Cryo-Trap 6. SIS Now Distributes Edwards Vacuum Pumps 7. Free Catalog of Scientific, Engineering and Technical Software 8. SIMION 3D Electron Ion Optics Software - Now Available from SIS ASMS 96 Meting in Portland Oregon Scientific Instrument Services will once again be present at ...
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Archives of Old Issues:

  • Spring 2009 Pittcon 2009, New Machining Web Site [link], Vacuum Pump/All-In-One Filter Kits [link] (Vacuum Pump Sale!), NIST GC Library [link], Celestron Digital Microscope System [link], ISO-Mono Isolation Valves, New 5973/5975 Source Heater
  • Fall 2008 New Sales & Marketing Manager: Ron Shomo; Syringe Pumps; Wiley MS Libraries: Mass Spectra of Designer Drugs, Mass Spectral and GC Data of Drugs, Poisons, Pesticides, Pollutants and their metabolites in 2007, Pharmaceuticals and Agrochemicals 2006, the Wiley Registry 8th/NIST05, and the Wiley Registry 8th Edition.l SGE Micro Extraction by Packed Sorbent (MEPS); ASI Quick-Split Flow Splitters
  • Summer 2007 - Our 2008-2009 catalog available; Expanded machining capabilities; SGE column promo; SIS All-In-One Vacuum Pump Exhaust Filter Kit; SIMION® version 8; Bargain basement - stock clearance; New Objective Trap'n Tip™ and Nu Tip™ sample prep tips; PicoView® nanospray sources; Matrical™ microwell plates (08E60 - discontinued); Syagen APPI Sources for LC/MS Instruments
  • September 2005 - "Yttria Coated Mass Spectrometer Filaments" by John Manura - SIS Acquires License to Continue SIMION Development; CPO - Products: NIST 05, SIS TD-5 Thermal Desorption System, SIMION/CPO, Source Cleaning Kits
  • May 2004 - "Introducing the SIMION SL Toolkit--A New Utility Pack for Expanding the Capabilities of the SIMION 7.0 Ion Optics Simulator," ASMS, Agilent Flip Top Inlet Sealing System, J&W Columns
  • September 2003 - "Mass Spectometer Source Cleaning Methods,"
    Mass Specrometer Source Cleaning Kits, Micro-Mesh abrasives SIMION web site and users group,
  • May 2003 - "Replacing a DeTech Electron Multiplier in the Agilent 5973 MSD,"
    ASMS, Catalog, SIS Machine Shop, GC/LC Columns, NIST 02, MS Source Cleaning Kits
  • August 2002 - Catalog,, vacuum pump exhaust filters,
    SIS AutoProbe for the Thermo Finnigan TRACE MS,
    ValcoBond® GC columns, NIST 02
  • May 2002 - ASMS, ISO 9001:2002 certification, Agilent: Maintaining Your GC/MS Guide, Agilent GC/LC products
  • June 2001 - Expanded machine shop facilities, ISO certification, ASMS, SIS AutoProbe, Vacuum Pump Exhaust Filter System, J&W GC columns, Mass Spec Desk Reference, SIMION 3D ion and electron optics simulator, NIST MS library.
  • June 2000 June 2000 (html) - "Vaccum Pump Exhaust Filters: Part I - A Two Stage Vacuum Pump Exhaust Filter System,"
    "Replacing a DeTech Electron Multiplier in the Agilent 5973 MSD,"
    ASMS, Mass Spec Desk Reference, MS NoVent
  • March 2000 - "Tracking Instrument Maintenance and Calibration,"
    PITTCON, MS-Triple gas filter, Velocity™ HPLC column
  • May 1999 - "1998 Version of the NIST/EPA/NIH Mass Spectral Library-NIST98," by O. David Sparkman,
    ASMS, TOF detector, sample tracking system, HP Dealership, chemical inventory tracking with CISPRO
  • March 1999 - "Precision and Reproducibility in Automated Short Path Desorption Analyses," ASMS, AutoDesorb, NIST98
  • July 1996 - Special Thermal Desorption edition,
    "Comparison and Sensitivity of Headspace GC, Purge & Trap Thermal Desorption and Direct Thermal Extraction Techniques for Volatile Organics in Olive Oils,"
    Short Path Thermal Desorption System Model TD-4, cryo-trap, Tenax® TA Breakthough volumes, thermal desorption tips, micro cryo-trap
  • May 1996 [May 1996 - html] - ASMS, SIS web site, micro cryo-trap, Edwards vacuum pumps, scientific software catalog, SIMION 3D electron and ion optics simulator
  • October 1995 - EAS, SIS web site, independent service technicians
  • April 1995 - "Improving Sensitivity in the HP 5971 MSD and Other Mass Spectrometers, Part II,"
    EAS, J&W GC columns, MS tips, injection port liners, breakthough volumes
  • March 1994 - "Determination or Volatile Organic Compounds in Mushrooms,"
    PITTCON, GC cryo-trap, Thermal Deorption system TD-3, MS probes, Mass Spec tips, high-temp direct probes, probe inlet for the HP 5989, featured products
  • November 1993 -"How to Upgrade a Conventional HPLC for On-Line Capillary LC/MS,"
    EAS, HPLC accessories, mass spec tips, J&W columns, featured products, MS Handbook of Service
  • August 1993 - "Overview of the 1993 American Society for Mass Spectrometry Annual Meeting, San Francisco, California,"
    MS probes, featured products, HP calibration gas probe, thermospray probe