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Mass Spectrometry Supplies and Services

  • AgilentAgilent
    Agilent Supplies and Services
  • BrukerBruker
    SIS offer a wide range of supplies and services for the Bruker mass spectrometers.
  • ExtrelExtrel
    SIS offers a range of supplies and services for the Extrel mass spectrometers.
    SIS offers a range of supplies and services for the JEOL mass spectrometers.
  • KratosKratos
    Scientific Instrument Services offer a range of supplies and services for the Kratos (Shimadzu division) mass spectrometers and instruments.
  • Perkin ElmerPerkin Elmer
    SIS offer a wide range of supplies and services for the Perkin Elmer mass spectrometers.
    SIS offers a range of supplies and services for the Applied Biosystems/SCIEX mass spectrometers.
  • ShimadzuShimadzu
    SIS offers a range of supplies and services for the Shimadzu mass spectrometers.
  • ThermoThermo
    SIS supplies new parts or repairs old parts on your Thermo/Finnigan instrument.
  • VarianVarian
    Scientific Instrument Services offer a wide range of supplies and services for the Varian mass spectrometers.
  • Waters (Micromass/VG)Waters
    SIS offer a wide range of supplies and services for the Waters/Micromass/VG mass spectrometers.
  • FLIR/GriffinFLIR/Griffin
    Multipliers and supplies for the FLIR/Griffin mass spectrometers.
  • Inficon/Leybold/BalzersInficon/Leybold/Balzers
    SIS can provide parts and repair services for Inficon.
    SIS can provide parts and repair services for MKS.
  • HidenHiden
    Supplies for the Hiden mass spectrometers.
  • Dupont/CECDupont/CEC
    Scientific Instrument Services has offered a wide range of supplies and services for the DuPont and CEC mass spectrometers.
  • NermagNermag
    Supplies for the Nermag MS - SIS offers a range of supplies and services for Nermag.
  • VestecVestec
    SIS offers a range of supplies and services for the Vestec mass spectrometers.

Mass Spec Parts & Supplies

By Instrument Manufacturer

  • FilamentsFilaments
    SIS is the world's leading supplier of mass spectrometer parts and supplies.
  • Heaters/SensorsHeaters/Sensors
    Replacement heaters and temperature sensors for your mass spectrometer.
  • Wire MaterialWire Material
    A wide range of resistance type wires and precious metals for the repair and manufacture of filaments and heaters for mass spectrometers, SEM's and scientific instruments.
  • Electron MultipliersElectron Multipliers
    Search over 200 electron multiplier detectors to match your instrument, mass spec, or other application. Multipliers from top manufacturers including DeTech and ETP.
  • Probe/Sample VialsProbe/Sample Vials
    Direct Probes and accessories for your mass spectrometer.
  • Ion Transfer TubesIon Transfer Tubes
    SIS carries a full line of direct replacement ion transfer tubes for Thermo mass spectrometers. Over time the ion transfer tubes become contaminated and lose sensitivity. Replace to restore performance. These are also available with extended tubes for DART and DESI applications.
  • Calibration CompoundsCalibration Compounds
    Calibration compounds with a mass range for many uses and needs.
  • MALDI-TOF SuppliesMALDI-TOF Supplies
    Cost-effective, high-performance target plates for MALDI-TOF (Matrix Assisted Laser Desorption Ionization - Time of Flight). The finest MALDI-TOF products for mass spectrometry and proteomics from Hudson Surface Technology.
  • Ceramic InsulatorsCeramic Insulators
    Wide variety of replacement ceramic insulators for mass spectrometer instruments as well as ceramic tubing.
  • MS Cleaning SuppliesMS Cleaning Supplies
    Lint-free wipes, swabs, polishing boards, Micro-Mesh®, and other supplies for the cleaning and refurbishing of scientific instruments. Everything you need from one source!
  • OtherOther
    Supplies for your MS needs.


  • Filament RepairFilament Repair
    Mass Spectrometer filaments and heaters can be repaired and restored to a like-new condition at S.I.S.
  • Source CleaningSource Cleaning
    Expert cleaning & repair of mass spectrometer sources.
  • Transfer Line RepairTransfer Line Repair
    The GC/MS interface on the Agilent 5971 MSD can be repaired!
  • GC Injection Port RepairGC Injection Port Repair
    The carrier gas lines on the GC Injection Ports can be rewelded or replaced
  • Vacuum Feedthru RepairVacuum Feedthru Repair
    These feedthrus are very fragile and susceptible to damage, but no worries, SIS can repair them!
  • Other Repair ServicesOther Repair Services
    S.I.S. repairs many different mass spectrometer components and assemblies. Call us with your requirements.


  • NIST MS LibraryNIST MS Library
    Get new licenses for NIST mass spectral library, EI MS spectra, MS/MS, GC data here. Includes electron ionization (EI) data, AMDIS software. Standard, Agilent, Shimadzu, Multiformat available.
  • Wiley MS LibrariesWiley MS Libraries
    Identify unknowns from EI (GC/MS) and MS/MS spectra. The most trusted, largest, and widely used libraries.
    The Industry Standard in Particle Optics Simulation Software Description Design new instruments or improve the sensitivity of existing instruments. Mass spectrometers and other ion optics lens systems. Calculate electric and magnetic fields from 2D & 3D models Calculate charged particle trajectories Visualize, optimize, and analyze results Extensible user programming for crazy flexibility. Free basic tech support, phone/e-mail/message board. Widely commercially and in academia, including by...

Repair your filaments

  • Repaired and restored to a like-new condition
  • Cleaning and replacement of the filament ribbon/wire/coil
  • Filament repairs since 1978

Replace your electron multiplier

  • Multipliers from DeTech and ETP
  • Over 200 multipliers, select by your instrument

Miro-Mesh® Cushioned Abrasives

  • Ultimate finishes
  • For virtually every industry

Clean your source

  • Expert cleaning & repair of MS sources
  • Filaments repaired and accurately aligned
  • Not an exchange—your own source is cleaned, repaired, and returned

Mass spec probe manufacturing

  • DEP and DCI probes for your mass spec
  • Glass vials
  • Custom probe design