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SIS Newsletter 2011-05-20

Scientific Instrument Services Newsletter
The SIS E-Newsletter is intended to notify our customers of new products and special promotions of products and services for your mass spectrometer and related laboratory equipment.
Featured Products and Promotions June 01, 2011
NIST 2011 - New Version
A major new release of the Mass Spectral Library
A major new release of the world's most widely used and trusted, fully evaluated, mass spectral library, now expanded and enhanced.
  • EI Mass Spec Library - 243,893 spectra of 212,961 compounds with identification and chemical structures - includes 23,433 new spectra of metabolites, drugs of abuse, derivatives of common compounds and many more - a 10% increase.
  • Gas Chromatography/Retention Indices Library - 224,038 Kovars Index Values, GC column conditions, and literature citations for 21,847 compounds on both non-polar and polar columns
  • MS/MS Spectra Library - 9,934 Ion trap spectra for 9,138 different precursor ions of 4,649 compounds - 91,557 collision cell spectra for 6,939 different ions of 3,774 compounds - An increase of over a factor of six from NIST 08
  • Mass Spectra Software updates - NIST MS Search Program - AMDIS Program - MS Interpreter Program
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SIMION 8.1 Ion Optics Software - New Version
Expanded capabilities in this new release of SIMION
The industry standard for calculation/simulation of electric fields and charged particle trajectories.
  • Larger and more accurate arrays 64 bit CPU support (e.g. 1.5 billion points on 15 GB RAM), rectangular cells, enhanced curved surface handling, and antimirroring.
  • Faster calculations - Multicore/multiprocessor CPU support, LuaJIT, and (coming soon) free update supporting nVidia CUDA cards.
  • New capabilities - More scripting API's field solver enhancements (Poissson), and more examples
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NEW!  -  Mass Spec Replacement Parts
Direct Replacement for Original Manufacturer's Parts
S.I.S.™ continues to develop new replacement parts for mass spectrometers, in particular parts that may have been discontinued by the instrument manufacturer.  If you need other parts - Please give us a call.
  • TSQ & LCQ Heated Capillary
  • Agilent 5973/75 Source Heater and Temperature Sensor
  • Yttria/Rhenium Non Sag Filaments
  • Ametek/Dycor RGA Filaments
  • Shimadzu QP5000 Filaments
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Scientific Instrument Services at ASMS
SIS will once again be at the ASMS Meeting in Denver
SIS will once again be present at the annual ASMS meeting in Denver, CO - June 6-9, 2011.  Please stop by our booth and talk to us about your MS concerns and the products and services that SIS offers.
  • SIS Booth - Visit us at Booth # 115
  • SIS Poster Presentation - Reducing Filament Warping In Mass Spectrometer Filaments - a summary of a two year study by SIS into improving mass spectrometer filament life. - Thursday ThP018
  • SIS Corporate Poster - SIS will also have a new corporate poster introducing some of our new products
  • New Products from SIS - NIST 2011, SIMION 8.1, LSQ & LCQ Heated Capillary replacement, Agilent 5973 Source Heater and Temperature Sensor, the new Shimadzu QP5000 Filament, Imtakt LC Supplies, New Era Syringe Pumps and our new Yttria/Rhenium non-sag MS Filaments
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