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SIS Newsletter 2013-04-26

April 2013 SIS Newsletter
    In this month's newsletter SIS is highlighting Micromass/Waters Mass Spectrometer Replacement parts.
    SIS now offers the normal and nanoflow SS capillaries and Perlast O-rings found on the ESI probe.  Save 30% over OEM pricing for the capillaries and 50% for the Perlast O-ring

The following Waters Instruments are compatible with the

ESI Probe Capillary & Perlast O-ring:
LCT Premier/XE
QTof API US & Ultima Family
Quattro LC, Micro API, Premier/XE,
Ultima, Ultima Pt
SQ Detector & Detector 2
TQ Detector
Synapt G2 HDMS, G2-S, HDMS
Xevo G2 QTof/Tof, G2-S QTof/Tof, QTof MS, TQ MS, TQ-S, TQD, ZQ

Part Number
OEM Part Number
5711366-S Perlast O-ring  
700000341 SS Capillary
M956358AD1 SS Nanoflow capillary



MS Service Kits for Micromass/Waters Mass Spectrometers


Save money by only buying the parts you need.

Convenient - Cost effective -  Genuine parts

Part Number
Quattro LC, QTof 1, QTof 2, QTof Micro, LCT Classic, ZMD, EMD, ZQ, Quattro Micro, Quattro Premier  Complete Service kit including ESI Probe kit, Z Spray Source O-ring kit , Abrasive Cleaning Kit, Activated Alumina and Filters.
Quattro Ultima (PT)/ QTof Ultima/LCT Premier with Oil Based vacuum pumps Complete Service kit including ESI Probe Kit, Z Spray Source, O-ring Kit, Abrasive Cleaning Kit, Activated
Part Number
All Micromass/Waters  ESI Probe Kit
All Micromass/Waters Z Spray Source O-Ring kit
All Micromass/Waters Abrasive Cleaning kit
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