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Mass Spectrometry and Chromatography Equipment Supplies

Scientific Repairs and Manufacturing

Founded in 1978 to provide mass spectrometer consumables laboratory instrument parts, filament wire, electron multipliers, capillary columns and vacuum system components at reasonable prices, SIS has grown to be a recognized leader in manufacturing assemblies, supplies and services for the scientific and medical communities worldwide. The same innovation and dedication to quality that built our early following of loyal customers is still evident in the products we make and sell, even as we expand to meet the needs of new analytical techniques.

electron multipliers Electron Multipliers - wide selection, from the leaders in multiplier design
MS filament Filaments - new filaments or repairing old filaments
thermal desorption system Thermal Desorption Equipment for introducing Volatiles into the GC
NIST 20 MS Search software screen NIST 20 & Wiley libraries of mass spectra - identify unknown compounds with the world's most trusted libraries.
SIMION SIMION software - design & simulate mass spec's and particle optics systems