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Thermal Desorption System Accessories

  • TD Supply KitTD Supply Kit
    When ordering the Short Path Thermal Desorption System, a wide range of systems and accessories are available depending on the application requirements of the user.
  • Desorption TubesDesorption Tubes
    After conditioning and sample loading, the ends of the tubes are fitted with stainless steel caps with seals to maintain the integrity of the medium and sample.
  • Adsorbent ResinsAdsorbent Resins
    A wide variety of adsorbent resins are available from many suppliers and manufacturers.
  • Desorption Tube NeedlesDesorption Tube Needles
    In the Short Path Thermal Desorption System, the needle serves as the transfer line for sample introduction into the Gas Chromatograph from the Glass Lined Thermal Desorption Tube containing the samples being analyzed.
  • Desorption Tube SealsDesorption Tube Seals
    Seals are utilized in a variety of locations in the Short Path Thermal Desorption Unit.
  • Desorption System FittingsDesorption System Fittings
    Fittings to connect our 1/4" O.D. GLT desorption tubes to your particular application.
  • GC Cryo-TrapGC Cryo-Trap
    Cryo-cooling and heating trap for the cryo-focusing of volatiles and semivolatiles at the head of GC capillary columns.
  • Extraction CellExtraction Cell
    The Extraction Cell system consists of two stainless steel plates which are separated by an inter-changeable PTFE insert.
  • TD Sample LoaderTD Sample Loader
    This device is used to inject or load liquid samples directly into the S.I.S. Thermal Desorption Tubes, forcing the syringe contents onto the adsorbent resins in the desorption tube without any loss of sample due to back evaporation.
  • Prepacked, Conditioned Desorption TubesPrepacked, Conditioned Desorption Tubes
    All packed Thermal Desorption Tubes are Silco™ Coated S.S. tubes.
  • Desorption Tube Packing AccessoriesDesorption Tube Packing Accessories
    Tubes, Tap & Die, Neolube and more for the SPTD.
  • Stainless Steel Purge HeadsStainless Steel Purge Heads
    The top fitting of both purge heads consists of a 1/16" fitting for the attachment of the sparging needle followed by needle adaptor to seal the needle in place and provide for the attachment of the purging gas line.
  • Injection Port LinersInjection Port Liners
    These new Low Dead Volume Injection Port Liners have been specifically designed for use with the Scientific Instrument Services Short Path Thermal Desorption System but could also be utilized with other injection systems and techniques.
  • Tenax TA PosterTenax TA Poster
    Tenax TA is a porous polymer resin based on 2,6-diphenylene-oxide.
  • TD Application NotesTD Application Notes
    Analysis of low moisture solid matrix samples by thermally extracting the volatile and semi-volatile organics directly from the solid matrix without the use of solvents or other sample preparation.
  • Customer ServiceCustomer Service
    The staff of scientists and technicians at Scientific Instrument Services can provide our customers and potential customers with technical assistance on the use of the Short Path Thermal Desorption System.

Accessory Equipment

  • GC Cryo-Traps - The GC Cryo-Trap is used to cryo-focus volatiles at the front of the GC column in a narrow band for subsequent heating and release. Two models are available (CO2 and Liquid Nitrogen). The GC Cryo-Trap is recommended for optimum results for the trapping of the lower molecular weight volatiles.
  • Thermal Desorption Conditioning System - Used to bake out and condition desorption tubes and needle transfer lines at high temperature with gas flow. Assures that no contamination originates from your desorption tubes and needles. A 6 Tube Conditioning Oven and a 24 Tube Conditioning Oven are available.
  • Sample Collection System - Used to purge volatiles off 1 to 20 gram size solid samples onto adsorbent resin traps for subsequent analysis via the thermal desorption system. Used for the analysis of high water content solid samples or when very low detection levels of volatiles is required.
  • SIS Purge and Trap System - Used to Purge Volatiles from liquid and solid samples onto adsorbent resin traps. This low cost system is ideal for volatiles in beverages, water and other samples requiring a sample between 1.o mL and 25 mL to be used.
  • Air Sampling Pump - A small, field portable personal sampling pump for the collection of volatiles from air samples onto adsorbent resin traps. This pump can handle the backpressure needed for packed thermal desorption tubes and can be set to accurately and reproducibility pump samples at flow rates from 5 to 200 mL per minute.
  • Thermal Desorption Sample Loader - Used to inject liquid samples or internal standards in solution onto the adsorbent resin trap. Assures total delivery of the sample to the adsorbent resin without any loss due to evaporation.
  • Gillibrator Air Flow Calibration System - A primary air flow calibration system to calibrate systems for both positive and negative flows.

Accessories and Supplies

Technical Support

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