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ASI QuickSplit™ Flow Splitters

  • Automated Flow SplittersAutomated Flow Splitters
    The QuickSplit AS650 Automated Flow Splitter finally takes the guess work out of flow splitting.
  • Pre Column-Adjustable SplittersPre Column-Adjustable Splitters
    Unlike conventional splitters that use long lengths of capillary tubing, the ASI QuickSplit Adjustable Flow Splitter uses fluid resistors to achieve a wide range of split ratios.
  • Post Column-AdjustablePost Column-Adjustable
    Post-column splitting is fairly straight forward. Like pre-column flow splitting, any significant additional pressure (resistance) down stream from the splitter may affect the split ratio
  • Adjustable Nano SplittersAdjustable Nano Splitters
    This adjustable flow splitter is for Post-Column Applications. You can select the split flow range 1.0 - 20, 10 - 200, 100 - 2,000 nanoliter per minute with a fixed 250 microliter per minute inlet flow
  • Fixed Binary Flow SplittersFixed Binary Flow Splitters
    Split ratios are created by two or more fluid resistors that form a parallel flow path.
  • Fixed Multiport Flow SplittersFixed Multiport Flow Splitters
    The QuickSplit Multiport Flow Splitter is ideal for applications that use multiple detectors and/or a fraction collector.
  • Makeup Fixed Flow SplittersMakeup Fixed Flow Splitters
    Flow Splitters for Mass Direct Fraction Collection
  • Makeup Adjustable Flow SplittersMakeup Adjustable Flow Splitters
    The Adjustable Makeup-Flow Splitter can also be used with a constant inlet flow rate thereby allowing the user dynamic control over the split ratio and split flow rate.