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Mass Spec Tips

Mass Spec Tips is a collection of tips relating to the operation and service of mass spectrometers. Some of these Tips have been reported in our newsletter, "The Mass Spec Source." If you have a question relating to the operation or service of mass spectrometers and would like to have it included in this forum, please Contact Us. Input to this database of MS Tips is needed from our readers to complete this section.

A new 24 page booklet is available written by John Manura of Scientific Instrument Services on the techniques and steps that have been taken to improve the performance and signal-to-noise ratios on the HP 5971 MSD's in our labs. This article combines the experience of more than 20 years of expertise in mass spec to operate the mass spec at its peak performance. The article also describes the improvement in performance by using new higher sensitivity multipliers, high grade vacuum pump oils and other products available from S.I.S.. Call or write for your FREE copy.

Application Notes

Dozens of application notes on the use of our Short Path Thermal Desorption System and GC Cryo-Trap are available. Applications include the analysis of volatiles in food, forensic samples, plastics, air and commercial products. These application notes are available FREE on request.

The Mass Spec Source Newsletter

Our newsletter 'The Mass Spec Source' is published twice a year. This newsletter is designed for the mass spec community and features articles of interest to the mass spec user, mass spec tips, new products available and other items of general interest to the mass spectrometer user. The newsletter is FREE on request.