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QF to Male Pipe Adaptor, 304 Stainless

QF to Male Pipe Adaptor, 304 Stainless
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QF to male pipe adapter, 304 stainless, e42

Stubs have from 1/8"to 1" male NPT for junctions to NW flanges. PTFE tape is recommended for sealing threads.

QF to Male Pipe Adaptor, 304 Stainless
Part No. NPT (in)ABNW Flange Size Quantity
In Stock
QF1607518NPT 1/81.570.2616 DISCONTINUED------
QF1607514NPT 1/41.970.3616 DISCONTINUED------
QF2510018NPT 1/81.570.2625 DISCONTINUED------
QF2510014NPT 1/41.970.3625 0Standard lead-time for non-stock items is approximately two weeks depending on the item. $111.15
QF2510012NPT 1/22.950.6325 DISCONTINUED------
QF2510034NPT 3/42.950.8325 1$81.00
QF4015018NPT 1/81.570.2640 DISCONTINUED------
QF4015014NPT 1/41.970.3640 DISCONTINUED------
QF4015012NPT 1/22.950.6340 DISCONTINUED------
QF4015034NPT 3/42.950.8340 DISCONTINUED------
QF5020018NPT 1/81.570.2650 DISCONTINUED------
QF5020014NPT 1/41.970.3650 DISCONTINUED------
QF5020012NPT 1/22.950.6350 DISCONTINUED------
QF5020034NPT 3/42.950.8350 DISCONTINUED------
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