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SIS News May 2016 - Wiley 11 Release


Introducing the Wiley Registry of Mass Spectral Data, 11th edition

Wiley Registry cover image
  • World's largest library of electron ionization (EI) mass spectra — Over 775,500 mass spectra for 599,700 unique compounds. It enables you to identify global unknown compounds from EI mass spectra, with the highest likelihood given its unparalleled size and breadth.
  • Most spectra are accompanied by searchable chemical structure, trivial name, molecular formula, molecular weight, nominal mass and base peak.
  • Applications include untargeted GC/MS screening of EI spectra, accurate mass workflows with MS-TOF spectra, and identification with other search constraints.
  • Developed over 40 years by Wiley and Dr. Fred McLafferty Spectra are sourced from leading laboratories throughout the world.
  • Uses the same search software as the NIST 14 spectral library and compatible with most MS data systems.

Improvements to the Wiley Registry 11th

  • Increased spectra — 56,500 and 113,500 more spectra than the 10th and 9th editions, respectively.
  • Improved quality — An extensive review of the library included removal and sequestration of suspect spectra from the main library and partition of excess replicate spectra (beyond 4 replicates) into a separate replicate library. The result is a main library that has increased overall breadth and improved spectral search.
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