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Centering Ring Assembly 304 Stainless Steel

Centering Ring Assembly 304 Stainless Steel
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Centering Ring Assembly 304 Stainless Steel, B=0.154
Part No. BrandA Quantity
In Stock
LF63250SRB Buna-N2.650 DISCONTINUED------
LF63250SRS Silicone2.650 DISCONTINUED------
LF63250SRV Viton (R)2.650 DISCONTINUED------
LF80300SRB Buna-N3.160 DISCONTINUED------
LF80300SRS Silicone3.160 DISCONTINUED------
LF80300SRV Viton (R)3.160 DISCONTINUED------
LF100400SRB Buna-N3.900 DISCONTINUED------
LF100400SRS Silicone3.900 DISCONTINUED------
LF100400SRV Viton (R)3.900 DISCONTINUED------
LF160600SRB Buna-N5.800 DISCONTINUED------
LF160600SRS Silicone5.800 DISCONTINUED------
LF160600SRV Viton (R)5.800 DISCONTINUED------
LF200800SRB Buna-N8.150 DISCONTINUED------
LF200800SRS Silicone8.150 DISCONTINUED------
LF200800SRV Viton (R)8.150 DISCONTINUED------
LF2501000SRB Buna-N10.050 DISCONTINUED------
LF2501000SRS Silicone10.050 DISCONTINUED------
LF2501000SRV Viton (R)10.050 DISCONTINUED------
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