QF to Quick Coupling, 304 Stainless

QF to Quick Coupling, 304 Stainless
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Compression type quick connect with O-ring seal for connecting gauges or tubes to vacuum systems.

QF to Quick Coupling, 304 Stainless
Part No. Tube Size (in)ABNW Flange Size Price
QF16075Q50 1/20.5151.516 $60.00
QF16075Q75 3/40.7651.816 $66.00
QF25100Q50 1/20.1551.525 $63.00
QF25100Q62 5/80.7501.725 $71.00
QF25100Q75 3/40.7651.825 $67.00
QF25100Q100 11.0152.025 $88.00
QF25100Q112 1 1/81.1402.025 $125.00
QF40150Q50 1/20.5151.540 $68.00
QF40150Q112 1 1/81.1402.040 $115.00
QF40150Q150 1 1/21.5152.440 $179.00
QF50200Q200 22.0152.450 $200.00
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