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Mass Spec Source: SIS at Pittcon 2013 (March 6th 2013)


SIS Invites Our Customers to Help Us Celebrate our 35th Anniversary at PittCon 2013 in Philadelphia.

Visit us at booth #1124, March 18th-21st.

We are introducing two new product lines this year: Next Advance Bullet Blender Homogenizers and DigiVac vacuum gauge controllers.

The Bullet Blender®

 This homogenizer enables you to homogenize, disrupt, or lyse 24 tissue or cell culture samples at a time. Load the samples into polypropylene microcentrifuge tubes, and then place them in the Bullet Blender. The "bullets" in the "blender" vigorously strike all the sample tubes simultaneously for a few minutes.
The Bullet Blender is available with Air Cooling™ to preserve your sample quality.
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Homogenize Tissue:
Liver, Spleen, Kidney, Brain, Adipose
Lyse Cells:
E. coli, Mamallian cell culture, Yeast
Homogenize Tougher:
Heart, Aorta, Tumor, Tail Snips, Muscle, Lung
Whole Cell Isolation:
Bacteria, Lymphocytes, Blood Cells
Homogenize Plant Material:
Leaves, Beans, Nuts, Roots
Organelle Isolation:
Nucleus, Mitochondria
Homogenize Small Organisms:
Zebrafish, Drosophilia
Protein Extraction:
Aggresome extraction, Activity assays, Chromatin IP

The Digivac Model 276 digital vacuum gauge produces reliable, consistent accuracy from 1 milliTorr through 760 Torr (atmospheric pressure). The 276 leverages dual sensor technology that has the unique ability to accurately measure through the entire rough vacuum range from 1 milliTorr through 760 Torr. 

The Model 276 adds high accuracy in the Torr ranges and accuracy approaching a capacitance manometer in the range of 10 to 760 Torr. The 276 is also less sensitive to the composition of gasses, since it uses piezoelectric transducer technology in the 3-760 Torr range.
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Additional Booth Information
    We will have Mr. Tim Collins, President of Digivac, in our booth Monday and Tuesday to answer questions and show off Digivac's line of vacuum gauge controllers. We will also have Dr. Elyse Shapiro from Next Advance in our booth Monday & Tuesday to show off and answer questions about the Bullet Blender Homogenizer. 
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