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Mass Spec Calibration Compounds and Spectra


Calibration Compounds are used by the mass spectrometer user to adjust the mass spec calibration scale as well as the relative intensities of mass spec peaks from low to high mass. This is particularily necessary for the setup of quadrupole mass spectrometers. The most popular calibration compound is FC-43, also known as Perfluorotributylamine. Other calibration compounds are used to adjust the high resolution mass spectrometer calibration scale. The following pages list the data available on the most common calibration compounds in various mass spec techniques including low resolution, high resolution, Electron Impact, Chemical Ionization and Negative Ion Mass Spectrometry. Where available, the suppliers of these calibration compounds are listed.


Name: Perfluorotributylamine Molecular Weight: 671 Formula: (CF3(CF2)3)3N Boiling Point: 170 to 180 deg. C d(25): 1.88 Supplier: Scientific Instrument Services


Name: PerfluorotripentylMolecular Weight: 821 Formula: (CF3(CF2)4)3N Boiling Point: 215 deg. C d(25): 1.94 Supplier: Scientific Instrument Services

CsI Calibration Compound

Name: 10% Solution of CsI in water Formula: CsI Supplier: Scientific Instrument Services

CsI/RbI/NaI Calibration Compound

Name: 10% of a 1:1:1 molar mixture in water of CsI, RbI and NaI Formula: CsI, RbI and NaI Supplier: Scientific Instrument Services


Name: Perflurokerosene (PFK) Supplier: PCR Research Chemicals, 800-331-6313

ESCAL (discontinued)

Name: ESCAL: caffeine, MRFA (met-arg-phe-ala) peptide, and per-fluoroalkylphosphazine