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LC Tubing

SIS Chromatography Tubing

SIS now offers a larger variety of tubing for your Chromatography and Laboratory needs. Please note that burst pressures, where listed, should be regarded as absolute limits. Your routine operating pressures should include a suitable safety margin based on your specific application and equipment.
  • Tubing - PEEKsil™Tubing - PEEKsil™
    PEEKsil is polymer-sheathed fused silica tubing with an effective outside diameter of 1/32" or 1/16", and now in 0.36 mm.
  • Copper TubingCopper Tubing
    Flexible 1/8" copper is a convenient, non-permeable means of supplying GC carrier gas, Helium for sparging HPLC reservoirs, detector gas supplies, etc.
  • SS TubingSS Tubing
    Chromatography grade 316
  • SS Pre-Cut TubingSS Pre-Cut Tubing
    recut stainless tubing is passivated, cleaned and rinsed.
  • PEEK TubingPEEK Tubing
    SIS offers two types of PEEK tubing: Solid color coded tubing, and natural tan tubing with a color coded stripe.
  • PTFE TubingPTFE Tubing
    SIS also offers this tubing in black for light sensitive applications.
  • Tefzel TubingTefzel Tubing
    A Fluorocarbon with a higher burst pressure than PTFE and excellent chemical resistance, especially to chloride salts.
  • FEP TubingFEP Tubing
    (Flouridated Ethylene-Propylene)
  • PFA TubingPFA Tubing
    This material has extra-low permeability.
  • Nylon TubingNylon Tubing
    An economical choice for air, nitrogen, water, and other non-critical gas and liquid service in the laboratory.
  • Viton TubingViton Tubing
    A Fluoropolymer with good chemical and high temperature resistance.
  • Tubing ClipsTubing Clips
    Helps tubing to stay in place.