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Literature Flyers/Brochures from SIS

The following Literature is available from SIS

The SIS Catalog

The SIS Catalog Volume 36 contains 360 pages of products and services for the mass spectrometer, gas chromatograph and liquid chromatograph. All dealers should have received the quantity they requested.

(The latest catalog is also available online.)

NIST 17 - NIST Mass Spectral Library & Search Software

A four page flyer which describes the NIST Mass Spec Library package which includes not only the NIST/EPA/NIH library but also the mass spec search and interpreter program and the new AMDIS automated deconvolution program.

Also see catalog pages A74/A75/A76 on the Wiley MS libraries (PDFs available).

SIMION 8.1.2

SIMION 8.1.2 Two Page Flyer, which describes the new features in 8.1 (including 8.1.1/8.1.2).

Related brochures on particle optics simulation:

The SIS MS Source Newsletter

The SIS Mass Spec Source Monthly E-Newsletter is available here.

General SIS Company Description

Company profile available here.

Long Life Yttria Coated Filament Repairs

Information available here.

The SIS Short Path Thermal Desorption System - Model TD5

A 6 page full color brochure which completely describes the TD5 Short Path Thermal Desorption System.


  • Features and Description of the TD5 Short Path Thermal Desorption System
  • Theory of Operation
  • Complete list of Application Notes from our Web Site
  • Applications in Purge & Trap, Air Sampling and Direct Thermal Extraction
  • Description of PC Software and Control

Also Available: AutoDesorb System brochure (12 sample automated version)


SIS Micro Cryo-Trap

A four page flyer which describes the theory of operation of the Micro Cryo-Trap along with applications. This flyer is several years old and does have some pricing which is out of date. It is available in limited quantities. A new updated brochure with updated products is scheduled to be printed in the fall of 2000. This new flyer will not have prices.


Also available: 4-in GC Cryo-Trap Flyer