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SIS News May 2017 - ASMS 2017



Come visit SIS at ASMS June 5-8, 2017 in Indianapolis. We are in booth #503!

Thermal Desorption - Attend our poster on Tuesday, TP275, "Analysis of Cannabidiols Found in Cannabis by Thermal Desorption GC/MS"

SIMION - Visit with David Manura, the SIMION guru. Find out what is new with SIMION software for the simulation of electric fields and ion/particle optics in the design of mass spectrometers.

NIST 17 Mass Spectral Library - NEW 2017 release - world's most widely trusted mass spectral library.

  • Nearly 1 million high quality spectra with chemical information: Increased coverage and quality since 2014: Nearly 3x increase in MS/MS spectra, 30,000+ new EI spectra, and 16,000+ more compounds with GC & retention indices.
  • Search software to match your spectra against spectral libraries: Improved software (v. 2.3) with new search methods and algorithms, such as our new "hybrid" search type for MS/MS and EI.
  • Shipping June 13 - Pre-order today.

Try out our new ion transfer tubes for Thermo instruments, available as standard direct OEM replacement or custom extensions for DART or DESI applications.

High-vacuum micro ion gauge with flange - a direct replacement for single quadrupole Agilent 6100, TOF 6200, triple quadrupole 6400, and Q-TOF 6500 series mass specs.