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A New Micro Cryo-Trap for the Trapping of Volatiles at the Front of a GC Capillary


Christopher Baker, John J. Manura and John Manos, Scientific Instrument Services, Ringoes, NJ

Poster Number - 023P

A new 1.0 inch long Micro GC Cryo-Trap has been developed for the trapping of volatiles at the front of the GC capillary column for use with gas injection techniques such as headspace injection and thermal desorption. In both of these techniques large gas volumes are injected into the GC capillary column and the volatile organics are cryo trapped or focused on the front of the GC capillary column. Studies have proven that this trapping region can be 1.0 inch or less in length. The new Micro GC Cryo-Trap uses less than 3% of the cooling gas that would be required to cool the entire GC oven and less than 1/4 the cooling gas used to cryo-trap via other trapping devices on the market. The result is more efficient trapping of volatiles at temperatures down to -70 degrees C using liquid CO2 and down to -180 degrees C using liquid nitrogen. In addition the trap can be heated up to 400 degreesC at a ballistic ramp rate of about 1000 degrees per minute to rapidly and efficiently release the volatile organics.

The Micro Cryo-Trap was studied to determine the efficiency of trapping and the ranges of volatiles that could be trapped. Applications of the technique have been demonstrated for the detection of volatiles in paints via headspace GC injection and the detection of volatiles in food products via the thermal desorption technique. The new Micro Cryo-Trap has proven to be superior in performance and efficiency of cooling gas use than previously manufactured GC cryo-traps.