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Note 85: Replacing an Electron Multiplier in the Agilent (HP) 5973 MSD

By Jay S. Ray - Detector Technology, Inc.

DeTech Model 2300

Replacing an electron multiplier can be successfully accomplished in just 15 minutes after the instrument is cooled down to the touch. All that is required are a pair of clean room gloves and the DeTech Model 2300 Electron Multiplier.

Step 1

Remove the top cover of the mass spectrometer.

Step 2

Vent the instrument. Make sure that all voltages applied to the multiplier and the conversion dynode are turned off prior to venting the system.

Step 3

Remove power and computer cables from the mass spectrometer.


Step 4

Swing the mass spectrometer door open and locate the electron multiplier region.

Step 5

Put on a pair of clean room gloves. To remove the old multiplier, simply push together the mounting clips and allow them to open so you can gain access to the multiplier. Then reach in and remove the existing multiplier from the manufacturer's mount.

Step 6

Take the DeTech Model 2300 and install it into the existing manufacturer's mount. Close the clips.

When installing the new DeTech Model 2300 make sure of the following:

  1. The Anode Pin (output) is making good contact with the output plate on the mounting frame.
  2. The back arm of the spring clip is making contact with the electron multiplier's steel frame.

Close the mass spectrometer's door. Reconnect both the power and computer cables. Close the vent valve and replace the top cover.

Your installation is now complete. Turn on the vacuum pumps. Refer to your user's manual for pump time information.

Typical Autotune for DeTech Model 2300

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