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Technical Support & Service

Technical Support

The staff of scientists and technicians at Scientific Instrument Services can provide our customers and potential customers with technical assistance on the use of the Short Path Thermal Desorption System. We have a wide range of experience using the technique for both Thermal Desorption analysis as well as Direct Thermal Extraction of samples. If you need assistance in determining the feasibility of these techniques for your analysis, please feel free to call on us. We would be happy to advise you of the applicability of the Short Path Thermal Desorption System to aid you in your problem solving.

Applications Lab

Our applications lab currently consists of Agilent 5973/6890 GC/MS systems. This equipment is utilized for customer demonstrations of the Short Path Thermal Desorption System. We also analyze samples for our customers and do some of our own research. Much of the research we perform is published in various publications including our newsletter, The Mass Spec Source, and we will be presenting many papers at upcoming meetings including the ASMS, EAS, and PITTCON meetings.

Scientific Instrument Services can now offer contract services for the analysis of your sample via our Short Path Thermal Desorption System.

Technical Support & Service

Customer Applications

Our equipment is available for the analysis of samples for potential customers. You are welcome to visit our facilities for a demonstration of the Short Path Thermal Desorption System. We would be happy to analyze a few samples for you to demonstrate the applicability of the system.

If you can not visit our facilities, we can also analyze one or two samples which you send in order to determine the feasibility of the Short Path Thermal Desorption System for your application.

Calibration Curve

Calibration Table for Anthracene (M.W. 178) against internal std d10 Phenanthrene (M.W. 188) with Direct Thermal Desorption Technique.

Direct Thermal Extraction

Direct Thermal Extraction of 1.0 mg of soil from dumpsite. Desorb 300 degrees C, 10 min, DB-5-MS, .25 x 25 meter x 1.0 u film, 30 to 200 degrees at 10 degrees /min, to 320 degrees at 2 degrees/min.

Mass Spectrum

Mass Spec of GC peak at 33.48 minutes. Identified as Anthracene (302 ppm).

S.I.S. can demonstrate the application of our system on your sample. Give us a call.

Customer Service

In our facilities we manufacture and service the Short Path Thermal Desorption System. Our shop facilities include a wide variety of lathes, mills and other manufacturing machinery for the fabrication of the equipment that we market. Our staff of expert machinists and technicians can handle all service questions or problems relating to the Short Path Thermal Desorption System. In addition custom modifications can be performed if you require an adaptation of the equipment to fit to your instrument, or if you want the system modified to fit a particular application. Additional accessories such as sampling systems, sample collection pumps, and heated conditioning or sampling systems can be manufactured by our service staff.


Skilled Technicians manufacture and service the Short Path Thermal Desorption System

Our staff is available to answer your technical questions on service over the phone or if required the Short Path Thermal Desorption System can be sent into our shops for service where it will be promptly serviced and returned.

For Service Call:

Desorption Service Department

contact us

GC/MS Analysis via Short Path Thermal Desorption System & Other MS Services

Scientific Instrument Services is now making available its laboratory facilities, equipment and trained instrumental staff for the analysis of contract samples.

Our equipment includes the following:

  • Mass Spectrometers: Agilent 5973s with Agilent 6890 GCs.
  • Direct probe including high temperature & DEP probe analysis.
  • Thermal Desorption Systems: S.I.S. Short Path Thermal Desorption Systems with both CO2 and Liquid Nitrogen Cryo Traps.
  • A wide variety of sampling accessories including air sampling devices, purge and trap systems and solid samplers.

Our instrumentation laboratory is mainly geared to the analysis of samples via our Short Path Thermal Desorption System. This includes techniques such as air monitoring, P&T from solid and liquid matrix samples and the direct thermal extraction of solid matrix samples. All customer samples are analyzed via a GC/MS system and complete mass spec analysis of chromatogram peaks including NBS library matching as well as hard copy printout of mass spectrum can be supplied. Quantification of samples can also be done. Prices vary depending on the type of samples, length of chromatographic run and type of analysis required.

Call either SIS to discuss your requirements.