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Tenax® GR Breakthrough Volume Data

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Tenax® GR is a porous polymer resin based on 2,6-diphenylene-oxide plus 30% Graphite. It is a widely used adsorbent resins for use with Purge and Trap Thermal Desorption for applications such as trapping VOC's in air and liquids. Tenax GR is especially beneficial in trapping volatile organics from high moisture content samples due to its low breakthrough volume for water. It is available from Scientific Instrument Services in 5.0, 10.0 and 25 gram bottles.

Tenax GR Breakthrough Volume Data

Use of Breakthrough Volume Data

In the following chart, the Breakthrough Volume data is expressed in Liters per gram of resin. This is the volume of gas required to elute the organic compound off 1.0 gram of resin at the indicated temperature. The Blue highlighted areas indicate that the Breakthrough Volume is greater than 10 liters per gram of resin which is an acceptable value for the trapping of the organic compound at that temperature. The Red highlighted areas indicate that the Breakthrough Volume is less than 0.010 Liters per gram of resin or less than 10 ml/gram of resin. This is a good temperature to assure complete desorption of the organic compound off the adsorbent resin during the thermal desorption process.

Tenax® GR with Hydrocarbons

Tenax® GR with Alcohols & Glycols

Tenax® GR with Aldehydes and Ketones

Tenax® GR with Halogens

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Tenax® GR with Aromatics and Terpenes

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