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Water Breakthrough Volumes for Adsorbent Resins

Water with ...
Breakthrough Volumes for Water at 20 degrees C for Various Resins

The above chart indicates the Breakthrough Volumes for the various resins at 20 degrees C. The values are expressed as milliliters of gas per gram of adsorbent resin. The values expressed above are based on the manufacturers listed data with the exception of Tenax TA which we verified experimentally. It is important that the values above be doubled to assure complete elution of the water from the Adsorbent Resin Trap. It is also important that any water purged onto the adsorbent resin trap be kept in the gas phase. This can most easily be accomplished using a dry make up gas just before the purge gas enters the desorption tube. This will lower the relative humidity of the gas mixture and reduce the chance of water condensation on the trap.

Tenax® TA with Water

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