Mass Spectrometry - Supplies for the Thermo/Finnigan INCOS


The Finnigan MAT INCOS™ 50 is a quadrupole MS, released circa 1986, which interfaces to the HP5890 or Varian 3400 GC. Variants include the 50B, XL and 500 (circa 1989).

SIS provides supplies and services for the Incos 50.

See also Thermo/Finnigan Cross Ref.

  • Aluminum Oxide AbrasiveAluminum Oxide Abrasive
    The ALX6004 superfine aluminum oxide cleaning abrasive is the finest grit aluminum oxide abrasive.
  • Ceramic InsulatorsCeramic Insulators
    Alumina ceramics for the Incos 50 Source.
  • Diffusion Pump HeaterDiffusion Pump Heater
    The following heater discs and cartridges are used to replace defective units in various diffusion pumps.
  • Electron Multiplier, OWAElectron Multiplier, OWA
    Single conversion dynode with dropping resistor.
  • Electron Multiplier, PPINICIElectron Multiplier, PPINICI
    MAT PPINICI(TM) Multipliers are sold in two different modes or stages of construction, as described below for use on the 3200, 4000, 4500, 4600, 5100, and Incos 50 series of mass spectrometers.
  • Ferrules, PTFE Ion GaugeFerrules, PTFE Ion Gauge
    These 3/4" PTFE Ferrules are used to install Ion Gauge Tubes.
  • Ferrules, Gc/Jet SeparatorFerrules, Gc/Jet Separator
    Ferrules, Jet Separators, and GC column.
  • Filament - stainless steel styleFilament - stainless steel style
    Shortened filament posts and heavier gauge metal reduce sagging.
  • Filament MaterialFilament Material
    Rhenium Wire and Ribbon is used to manufacture filaments for mass spectrometers and ion gauges as well as medical applications.
  • Flange, Ion GaugeFlange, Ion Gauge
    SIS supplies new parts or repairs old parts on your Thermo/Finnigan instrument.
  • Gaskets, Copper/Gold PlatedGaskets, Copper/Gold Plated
    The following copper and gold plated copper gaskets are available for the vacuum flanges on Thermo/Finnigan mass spectrometers.
  • Heater, SourceHeater, Source
    This 8 watt, 24 volt source heater cartridge for the Finnigan MAT Incos 50 Source measures 3/16 inch in diameter by 1.0 inch long.
  • Ion Gauge TubeIon Gauge Tube
    Bayard-Alpert Design and Dual Tungsten or Burn-out Resistant Iridium
  • O-RingsO-Rings
    all types and sizes of O-Rings
  • Vacuum Pump FluidVacuum Pump Fluid
    Santovac 5P Ultra has the same properties of Santovac 5 but guarantees minimal amounts of the 3 and 4 ring polyphenyl ethers; less than .02% and .1% respectively and for ultra-clean applications such as mass spectrometry.
  • Selection of Oils for Mechanical Rough PumpsSelection of Oils for Mechanical Rough Pumps
    Mechanical Pump Oils for your vacuum rough pump needs.
  • Sample Vials, FlaredSample Vials, Flared
    Pyrex flared sample vials.
  • Sample Vials, StraightSample Vials, Straight
    Available in either pyrex glass or quartz.
  • Thermocouple Gauge TubeThermocouple Gauge Tube
    Thermocouple gauges measure pressure in terms of the amount of heat that gas will conduct away from a hot wire.
  • Vacuum ControllerVacuum Controller
    Easily mounts to Incos 50B, Accurate Vacuum Measurement, Bayard-Alpert Design, Convenient Bench Top Enclosure
  • Filament RepairsFilament Repairs
    Filament repairs for all of your Thermo instruments.
  • Flange RepairFlange Repair
    A variety of repairs and modifications can be performed on Finnigan MAT mass spectrometer flanges.
  • Jet Separator RepairJet Separator Repair
    All models of jet separators can be replaced or repaired if the side arms or stem become broken or damaged.
  • Probe RepairProbe Repair
    SIS has the facilities, equipment, and staff to repair, modify, or manufacture most direct exposure probes for mass spectrometers.
  • Source CleaningSource Cleaning
    Scientific Instrument Services provides a mass spectrometer source cleaning service. We can expertly clean and service most models of mass spectrometer sources including filament repair. Fast turn-around of repairs