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Mass Spectrometry - Thermo TSQ Quantum™ - Supplies/Service


The Thermo TSQ Quantum™ is a family of triple quad MS's first released circa 2001. It is based on the TSQ 7000.

Variations include the TSQ Quantum XLS Ultra (2011), TSQ Quantum XLS (2010), TSQ Quantum Ultra EMR™ (extended mass range) (2004), TSQ Quantum Ultra AM™ (~2003), TSQ Quantum Ultra™ (2003), TSQ Quantum Discovery (~2003), TSQ Quantum Discovery MAX™ (2004), TSQ Quantum™ Access™ MAX (~2009), TSQ Quantum™ Access™ (2006), and TSQ Quantum™ (~2001).

  • Electron MultiplierElectron Multiplier
    SIS provides replacement detectors for your Thermo mass spectrometer. Multipliers are from the major manufacturers of electron multipliers.