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Agilent (HP) Mass Spectrometer Repair Services

Scientific Instrument Services has been in the business of mass spectrometer service and repair since 1978. We have extensive shop facilities to perform the repair services listed below in addition to custom repair, modification and custom manufacture of any part you may need for your mass spectrometer. If you need help, contact us.

Repairs for Agilent

  • FilamentFilament
    We will completely clean the assembly and replace the rhenium filament wire.
  • Source CleaningSource Cleaning
    Expert cleaning & repair of mass spectrometer sources.
  • DIP ProbeDIP Probe
    This repair includes replacing the heater and thermocouple and checking for leaks.
  • Entrance LensEntrance Lens
    The spotwelds holding the two parts together can break loose.
  • Feedthru Repair - 5971Feedthru Repair - 5971
    These feedthrus are very fragile and susceptible to damage, but no worries, SIS can repair them!
  • Feedthru Repair of FlangesFeedthru Repair of Flanges
    TIG vacuum welding a new feedthru in place and leak testing the feedthru for vacuum sealing.
  • Interface Repair - 5971Interface Repair - 5971
    The GC/MS interface on the Agilent 5971 MSD can be repaired!
  • Injection PortInjection Port
    The SS line can become clogged, broken or the joint can leak, but SIS can repair them!
  • Inject. Port Repair, MSDInject. Port Repair, MSD
    Broken or clogged tubes can be replaced!
  • Cross Ref.Cross Ref.
    Scientific Instrument Services carries a wide selection of parts for all models of Agilent (Hewlett Packard) mass spectrometers. In order to aid you in the selection of replacement parts for your instrument, the following part number cross reference chart can be used. If a part number is not listed, it either means we do not have that part in our inventory or perhaps we are not aware of the Agilent part number in relation to our inventory. If you are looking for a part not listed below, give us...