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Agilent 6200 LC-MS Supplies

The Agilent 6200 is a TOF LC-MS. first released circa 2008. Variants include 6210, 6220, 6224, 6230, and 6230B.

  • GP-355 Ion Gauge for Agilent 6100/6200/6400/6500 SeriesGP-355 Ion Gauge for Agilent 6100/6200/6400/6500 Series
    High-vacuum gauge, micro-ion E with flange, direct replacement for Agilent single quadrupole 6100/XX series, TOF 6200/XX series, triple quadrupole 6400/XX series, Q-TOF 6500/XX series. Replaces OEM p/n G1960-80303 SIS196080303 : -
  • Vacuum System Supplies and ServicesVacuum System Supplies and Services
    Vacuum supplies and services, including ion gauge tubes/controllers, rough and diffusion pumps, fluids, oils, greases, waxes, hose, charcoal filters, oil mist eliminators, foreline traps, gold/platinum gaskets,fittings, flanges, o-rings, ...