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Probes for Agilent Mass Spectrometers

  • Probe 5973 (HPP7)Probe 5973
    Direct Probe and Probe Inlet System for the HP 5973/5975 MSD mounts on the GC/MS inlet of the MSD
  • Probe Direct Exposure Probe (DEP) (HPP2A/PC3)Probe Direct Exposure Probe (DEP)
    The DCI probe utilizes a replaceable filament wire at the end of the probe which serves to both hold the sample and heat the sample.
  • Probe Direct Insertion Probe DIPProbe Direct Insertion Probe DIP
    A ½ inch probe inlet, provides the user with greater flexibility and much faster ramp rates than the standard HP DIP probe.
  • Probe High Temperature DIP (HPP4/PC2)Probe High Temperature DIP
    The probes can be used from ambient temperature up to 800 degrees C with ballistic temperature ramp of over 700 degrees C/min.
  • Probe Inlet SystemProbe Inlet System
    Has been designed to prevent the occasional venting of the mass spectrometer by accidentally pulling the probe past the vacuum seals.
  • Probe Port PartProbe Port Part
    SS4P4T Pump Out Valve and HP12 Probe Inlet Seal
  • Probe Tip PlatProbe Tip Plat
    The gold plated probe tips used with the Hewlett Packard direct probes can be cleaned and replaced with gold if they become dirty.