Thermo MS Filaments


Scientific Instrument Services, Inc. manufactures filaments for many Thermo (Finnigan) mass spectrometers. All filaments are accurately tensioned and aligned for optimum performance in your mass spectrometer.

  • Varian Saturn, Agilent, Teledyne & Hitachi Ion TrapVarian Saturn, Agilent, Teledyne & Hitachi Ion Trap
    Quality replacement filaments for your Ion Trap mass spectrometer. For Saturn model 2000, 2100, 2200 series
  • SSQ/TSQ, 70/700/4500SSQ/TSQ, 70/700/4500
    Stronger filament posts for better filament tension and harder filament ceramic body for accurate alignment.
  • Incos 50B/500/XLIncos 50B/500/XL
    Replacement filament for your Thermo Incos 50B mass spec.
  • Incos 50 Ceramic BodyIncos 50 Ceramic Body
    These filaments will eliminate the problem of shorting out which is common with the stainless steel filaments on the Incos 50 source.
  • 3000/5100/1020/OWA and Incos SS Body3000/5100/1020/OWA and Incos SS Body
    Shortened filament posts and heavier gauge metal reduce sagging.
  • 3200/3000 Ceramic Body3200/3000 Ceramic Body
    The short metal posts hold the filament wire straight while tension is maintained, thereby minimizing sagging.
  • 5100 Ceramic Body5100 Ceramic Body
    The 0.032" diameter filament leads protrude out of the side to clear the source block and permit attachment with two in-line connectors.
  • Thermo Trace, VGF5Thermo Trace, VGF5
    Buy replacement filaments for mass spectrometers here. Thermo TRACE Filament, part number VGF5, The VG MD800 filament is for the Thermo/VG TRACE MS
    Direct Exposure Probe filaments
  • Thermo 7000Thermo 7000
    FINDEP7000 is for use on the Thermo TSQ7000 mass spec.
  • GCQ-DEP ProbeGCQ-DEP Probe
    New Thermo GCQ-DEP Probe by SIS.
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