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Mass Spectrometry - Supplies for the Agilent 5971 MSD


The HP 5971 MSD is a quadrupole MS, released circa 1988. It interfaces to an HP 5890. It follows the HP 5970 and is preceded by the HP 5972.

SIS provides various supplies and services for the 5971.

Replacement Parts for the HP 5971

Repair Services for the HP 5971

  • Entrance Lens Repair, 5970Entrance Lens Repair, 5970
    The spotwelds holding the two parts together can break loose.
  • Feedthru Repair, 5971Feedthru Repair, 5971
    These feedthrus are very fragile and susceptible to damage, but no worries, SIS can repair them!
  • Feedthru/Flange Repair, HPFeedthru/Flange Repair, HP
    TIG vacuum welding a new feedthru in place and leak testing the feedthru for vacuum sealing.
  • Interface RepairInterface Repair
    The GC/MS interface on the Agilent 5971 MSD can be repaired!
  • Filament Repair, 5971Filament Repair, 5971
    We will completely clean the assembly and replace the rhenium filament wire.
  • Source Cleaning, 5971Source Cleaning, 5971
    Agilent 5971 Mass Spec Source Cleaning. Cleaning and polishing of all metal parts are followed by thorough washing and bake out in an oven. Repair of both filaments.