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Mass Spectrometry - Supplies for the Agilent 5973 MSD

The (Agilent) Hewlett Packard HP 5973 is a quadrupole MS, released circa 1996. It interfaces to an HP 6890 GC. Versions include the 5973A (GPIB), 5973N (ethernet network; circa 1999), and 5973 inert (circa 2003). It was preceded by the 5972 and followed by the 5975.

SIS provides various supplies and services for the 5973.

See also Agilent/HP Cross Ref.

  • Electron MultipliersElectron Multipliers
    SIS provides replacement detectors for your Agilent 5973 mass spectrometer. Multipliers are from the major manufacturers of electron multipliers.
  • Agilent/HP 5973 Source HeaterAgilent/HP 5973 Source Heater
    SIS offers a direct replacement for Agilent p/n G1099-60104. Same performance at a fraction of the cost