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Agilent 6100 LC-MS Supplies

The Agilent 6100 is a single quadrupole LC-MS, first released circa 2006, including the 6110, 6120 (lower end), 6130, and 6140 (higher end). Later versions include the 6150 (circa 2010) and 6100B (circa 2010). It is followed by the InfinityLab LC/MSD and LC/MSD XT.

  • GP-355 Ion Gauge for Agilent 6100/6200/6400/6500 SeriesGP-355 Ion Gauge for Agilent 6100/6200/6400/6500 Series
    High-vacuum gauge, micro-ion E with flange, direct replacement for Agilent single quadrupole 6100/XX series, TOF 6200/XX series, triple quadrupole 6400/XX series, Q-TOF 6500/XX series. Replaces OEM p/n G1960-80303 SIS196080303 : -
  • Vacuum System Supplies and ServicesVacuum System Supplies and Services
    Vacuum supplies and services, including ion gauge tubes/controllers, rough and diffusion pumps, fluids, oils, greases, waxes, hose, charcoal filters, oil mist eliminators, foreline traps, gold/platinum gaskets,fittings, flanges, o-rings, ...