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HPP7: Probe Inlet System for the Agilent (HP) 5973 and 5975 MSD with Automatic Indexed Stops


Probe Inlet System

  • Three Position Indexed Probe Guide
  • Easy Installation and Removal
  • Mounts on the MSD GC Inlet Port
  • Dual PTFE Long-Life Probe Vacuum Seals
  • 1/4 Turn Roughing and Isolation Valves
  • Edwards Roughing Pump

Probe Inlet System

Probe Inlet System Parts

The SIS Probe Inlet System mounts on the GC/MS Transfer line port on the Agilent 5973/5975 MSD to permit the quick and easy introduction of the SIS 1/4" diameter direct probe through the MSD Vacuum manifold and into the MSD source. It incorporates an indexed dual guide rod system that accurately guides the probe through the vacuum system valves. The guide rods are indexed at three positions in addition to the fully inserted and fully extracted positions:

  • Load - fully extended - probe load position
  • Stop 1 - at the first vacuum seal - to permit the rough pump out of the probe inlet seals
  • Stop 2 - at the second vacuum seal - to enable the user to open the isolation valve
  • Stop 3 - 1 cm from the source - cooling position after the sample is finished
  • Run - fully inserted - sample analysis Run position

Probe Valve mounted on MSD

After the probe locks in at one of the indexed stop positions, the lock release lever is pulled up to enable the probe to be inserted to the next indexed position. This accurate positioning and locking of the probe in set positions prevents closing the isolation valve on the probe (which would score or bend the probe rod). The most important automatic locking of the probe position occurs when the probe locks into the second seal position (Stop 2) during probe removal from the vacuum system. At this step the probe locks into the Stop 2 position thereby preventing the inadvertent venting of the mass spec vacuum system.

The probe sealing system consists of the SIS dual PTFE sealing system which will provide for excellent vacuum sealing around the probe rod along with long seal life. If the seals need to be replaced a seal extraction tool is included which enables the quick removal and replacement of the seals without venting the MSD. The 1/4" turn ball isolation valve permits the introduction of the probe through this valve and into the MSD source.

Probe Sealing System