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HPP7: Direct Probe for the Agilent (HP) 5973/5975 MSD


HP 5973 Probe

  • Probe Rod is 0.25" in Diameter by 6.8" Long
  • Temperature Range 25 to 450 Degrees C
  • Ballistic Ramp Rate > 500 degrees per minute
  • Programmable Ramping up to 400 degrees per minute
  • 25 Levels of Ramping
  • Flared Glass Sample Vials
  • Spring Loaded Sample Vial Holder
  • Forced Air Cooling

The SIS probe for the Agilent 5973 or 5975 MSD is only 1/4" in diameter which enables it to easily slide through the probe sealing system and into the MSD. It is light in weight and easily fits into the hand for ease of use. The probe tip with sample vial can be heated up to 450 degrees C either ballistically or with a programmable ramp rate. In the ballistic mode it will ramp up to temperature in excess of 500 degrees per minute or alternatively it can be used in the temperature ramp mode which has 25 levels of ramping capabilities to provide for the ultimate control of probe tip temperature. For cooling the probe, compressed air is used. This permits the cooling of the probe after sample analysis and before the probe is removed from the MSD through the vacuum seals. This prevents damage to the probe vacuum seals.

HP Probe TipSample Vial

Probe Tip with Sample Vial Ready for Injection into the MSD

The probe tip incorporates a small spring to gently hold the sample vial in place. The probe is designed for using flared glass sample vials. These flared sample vials permit the efficient introduction of samples (both solid and liquid) into the sample vials and permit the easy insertion and removal of the sample vials from the probe tip without breakage.