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SIMION 3D Ion Optics Class


Scientific Instrument Services has in the past offered a one or two day course on the use and application of the SIMION 3D Ion Optics Simulation Software. No classes are currently formally scheduled, but personalized training at our NJ location may be an option.

Description of the SIMION 3D Course:

This two day course will enable the person attending to become totally familiar with the basic use of SIMION 3D ion optics simulations software and demonstrate its application to the solving of ion optics problems. This class will be similar to the course presented at ASMS 96 by David Dahl. It will consist of lectures inter-spaced with hands-on practice on a personal computer. In this course you will learn the fundamentals of SIMION and become capable of utilizing advanced techniques in solving specific analytical problems. Material will be covered at both the elementary and advanced level. The course is designed to dramatically accelerate the learning curve for effective use of the program. Numerous tips and techniques will be presented for users at all levels.

First Day Agenda and Topics

  • Using the Graphical User Interface
  • Ion Optics Concepts
  • Creating and Refining Potential Arrays
  • TOF principles FTMS/ICR principles
  • Quadrupoles Ion Traps
Second Day Agenda and Topics
  • Teaching with SIMION 3D.
  • 3-D arrays Using Geometry Files
  • User Programming
Included with the SIMION 3D Course
  • Lecture Notes
  • discount on SIMION 3D Purchase
  • Lunch on both days
Cost of SIMION 3D Course:
  • Approximately $1000.00/day due with registration to guarantee reservation

Attendees will be receive a discount on a future purchase of SIMION 3D software purchase from SIS. If you have already purchased the SIMION 3D software from SIS** , your class cost will be discounted accodingly.

Previous Instructors:

David Manura

Steven Colby, Ph.D. (no longer doing courses)