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Quartz Tubes for Pyrolysis Probes

Quartz Tubes for Pyrolysis Probes
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There are two styles of quartz tubes. Tubes with both ends open or with one end sealed are available. Both are constructed of high purity tubing. These tubes replace CDS#0100-1060 and have the following dimensions: O.D. - 2.5mm I.D. - 1.9mm Length - 25mm. The standard quartz tube for the CDS pyrolysis coil probe is open on both ends. In this tube, the sample to be analyzed is held in place with quartz wool. As a second option, we are manufacturing these same quartz tubes with the bottom end of the tube sealed. These tubes can be used in applications where powders or liquids are analyzed where it is not possible to sandwich the sample with quartz wool. Other sizes and types of quartz and glass vials are available. See the sample vial pages in this catalog for complete details.

Part No. Description Picture Quantity
In Stock
CDSQV20 UNSEALED QUARTZ VIAL 20/P thumbnail 1$42.50
CDSQV100 UNSEALED QUARTZ VIAL 100P PK/100 thumbnail 0*Lead time for this non-stock item is approximately 5 days. CALL
CDSQS20 SEALED QUARTZ TUBES PK/20 thumbnail 0*Lead time for this non-stock item is approximately 5 days. $98.00
CDSQS100 SEALED QUARTZ VIAL PK/100 thumbnail 0Lead time for this non-stock item is approximately 7 days. $443.00
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