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The Bottle Selection Guide

  • CapsCaps
    Note: the selection of the liner is by far the most important step which will determine the success or failure of your package. Wheaton recommends the the following criteria for liner selection: Conformity to regulations - EPA and PDA Chemical resistance Sealing ability against moisture/gas gain or loss, leakage, pressure buildup, and corrosive packaging Avoidance of "overpackaging" - selecting the most economical liner for the required applications Material Description Applications Poly-vinyl ...
  • CapacityCapacity
    1 fluid oz is approximately 30 mL.
  • MaterialMaterial
    Clear and Amber Glass in different types.
  • MouthMouth
    Wide: Allows access to container contents with pipette, spatula, and other sampling instruments. Narrow: Prevents accidental splurging when pouring liquid samples.

This guide provides information useful in selecting bottles for your applications.

Much of this information is provided courtesy of Wheaton Science Products.