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AutoDesorb Notes for SIS Dealers


Required Components for a System

When taking an order for a thermal desorption system, the following items are required.  If they are not on your order we will be contacting you or your customer to remind you  that they should be ordered in order for the customer to make efficient use of the AutoDesorb System.

Part Number Description
786000 AutoDesorb System, Model 2000
786030 Accessory Kit, Tubes, Needles, Seals  
786100 Installation and Training  


or 786210

Agilent 6890 Installation Kit

Agilent 5890 Series II Installation Kit

976000 2" Cryo Trap

or 976020

CO2 Valve Kit for Cryo Trap

LN2 Valve Kit for Cryo Trap

Highly Recommended Accessories

A Conditioning Oven is highly recommended for the AutoDesorb System.  We always recommend that the customer purchase a conditioning oven with their system.  This is needed in order to bake out or condition the desorption tubes and needles to avoid any chance of contaminated samples or cross contamination of needles.  Due to the volume of samples the AutoDesorb system processes, we usually recommend the 24 tube oven, but if the budget is tight then we recommend the 6 tube oven.

Part Number Description
781056 24 Tube Conditioning System
781051A 6 Tube Conditioning System

Optional Operational Accessories (Consumable Parts)

The following is a list of standard replacement or operating accessories.  The accessory kit listed above has enough supplies to get the customer started, but they will probably need additional desorption tubes, needles and seals as their volume of samples for analysis increases. Note that there are many additional accessories listed in our catalog.

Part Number Description
786005 Desorption Tube, 3 mm GLT
786002 Desorption Tube, 4 mm Silco Coated Stainless Steel
786003 Desorption Tube, 4 mm  Stainless Steel,
786035 AutoDesorb Needle
786018 Vespel Seal
781006 Cap for Thermal Desorption Tube
781004 PTFE Seal for Cap (pkg of 10)

Optional Sampling Accessories

Depending on the customers applications, they will probably need some sort of system for sample collection.  The following systems are currently available from SIS for thermal desorption sampling  of a wide variety of sample types.  Please be aware that we can custom design and manufacture specific sample collection systems to you customers needs.  Please contact Chris for details.

Part Number Description
782050 T.D. Sample Collection Oven
914000 Portable Air Sampling Pump
783010 Purge and Trap System
  Standard 4" TD Sampling Chamber, Custom

Installation of the AutoDesorb

SIS installs all AutoDesorb Systems in the US.  Outside the US, we are establishing a network of organizations who are fully trained in the installation and operation of the AutoDesorb System.  It is required that all installations of the AutoDesorb System be done by an authorized SIS trained representative.  Failure to do so will void the customers warranty.  The installation package includes:

  • Installation of the AutoDesorb on the customers GC or GC/MS at his site

  • 1 Year warranty on parts and labor when performed at an authorized SIS repair site (the system must be sent in for repair, no repairs are done at the customers site).

  • 1 Year telephone support by a trained SIS representative

Part Number Area Served Installation by
786100 United States other than New Jersey SIS
786110 New Jersey (USA) SIS
786100-A United Kingdom SS Scientific
786100-B France, Belgium, Netherlands SS Scientific
786100-C Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark SS Scientific
786100-D Italy, Austria, Norway, Sweeden SS Scientific
786100-E Portugal, Findland SS Scientific

Additional territories will be added in the near future.